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Broken Spring Repair

If you spot a gap in the torsion spring coils, it is a clear indication that the spring has been broken. The torsion spring mainly breaks as a result of tear and wear. May be it has been used for long and its life span is over or poor maintenance which results to rust and friction. Sometimes the spring may be too weak to support the weight of the garage door especially when only one spring is in use. Broken springs affects the normal opening and closing of the door and at times it can be very dangerous as it may cause unexpected closure of the door leading to injuries and damaging of valuable properties. The spring is one of the technical parts of the garage doors and can be risky to handle it if you don’t have the technical knowhow and experience. If you notice a broken spring call the Valley Stream garage door repair immediately and we will send experts immediately to fix it. Our technicians use the right tools to replace your broken spring safely. Just like new motor installation, if then torsion spring is poorly replaced it may lead to serious damages which will lead to extra expenses. Check our coupon page for the different offers and discount that will lower your cost further. Once we exchange your broken spring, we run a test and adjust the spring correctly to ensure proper functionality.

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